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Affiliate marketing got its start on the Internet back in the 1990s and is at the very core of a relationship between three parties:  the consumer,  the affiliate, and the company's product is being sold.

"The Cookie" 
Cookie technology works with your web browser to store information about the visitor, his or her preferences, their registration information, their login information, and their shopping cart contents.
Bit with affiliate marketing the cookie has another task that is to remember the link the visitor clicked to arrive at the site. The cookie can even store the date and time that it took place and it can be used to remember the type of website or the content on that site. There are different types of cookies and each has their own use, but when it comes to affiliate marketing first party cookies are what is used. When a visitor visits the website of the publisher and clicks the ad of an advertiser, the visitor’s browser receives a tracking cookie that identifies the advertiser the publisher the ad and the amount of commission. This data is then stored within the link, in what is called parameters. In order for you to be paid your commission for a sale as an affiliate a tracking cookie must be in place. If you forget to include your special linking information in your links, this cookie cannot be created, and you will not be paid for the sale.

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